The Trading Post



We are in a series of articles titled “The Trading Post.” The idea is that God meets us and we trade with Him. The most obvious place we find this kind of trading taking place is on the cross of Christ.

It is at the cross where we see the trade with God most clearly. Here it is that God meets every believer and makes a series of trades:

We trade our guilt for His innocence. 

We trade our filth for His purity. 

We trade our failure for His success.

We trade our sin for His sinlessness. 

We trade our corruption for His integrity. 

We trade our insufficiency for His all sufficiency.

We trade our shame for His honor. 

We trade our darkness for His light.

We trade our unrighteousness for His righteousness. 

We trade our ugliness for His beauty. 

Most of us understand that at this trading post, Jesus took all of our sins, ugliness and shame upon Himself. What we often don’t realize is that as He takes what we deserve, we get what He deserves. We trade the fruit we have born and rightly deserve for the fruit He has born and rightly deserves. Not only does He take our sins upon Himself, it is as if we get to wear the medals He has earned. What a deal! What a God!

The Shepherds